Stories To Tell During Rosh Hashanah

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How can you make your time with your family and friends more enjoyable this Rosh Hashanah?  By sharing traditional Rosh Hashanah stories with them.

You may recount some Hasidic stories.  Stories from Chelm are always popular.  There is a wonderful story called The Rabbi Of Nemerov (A Rosh Hashanah Story) by Isaac Lieb Peretz, a Yiddish author and playwright.  One of my favorite Rosh Hashanah stories is about how a prayer from the heart is more important than ritual.  CHABAD has compiled some traditional holiday parables.  Another traditional Rosh Hashanah tale is called The Book Of Days.  You may enjoy recounting A Rosh Hashanah Miracle.  A beautiful story about self-acceptance is called The Stars Inside.  Let these stories take you back to the shtetl and the wisdom of our foreparents.

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